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The church is central to our model. We believe church can bring something unique and brilliant to the lives of the homeless.

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  • The church brings acceptance, love, prayer and community
  • The church is brilliant at befriending, mentoring, discipling. These are the things the church does best.
  • The church is called upon to be involved in work like this and to "give the poor wanderer shelter" (Isaiah 58)
  • The church volunteers end up growing as much as our tenants. In Matthew 25 Christ identified with the poor saying that whenever we did any of these things we did them for him. Christ is also in those who believe in him. As a result getting church volunteers out of the pews and into the community to look after the poor brings a sense of Christ meeting Christ in a unique and powerful way.
  • The church volunteers have a unique capacity to see the God given potential and original design in each of our tenants and to act in a manner that calls out both that potential and that design without judging them.

Hope into Action is an expression of living and breathing the gospel in today’s society. By breaking down the barriers, we can show the love of Christ in today’s communities. It’s a fantastic way of enabling everyone to get alongside and transform individual lives whilst participating in practical mission

Heath, Hope into Action partner church leader

We work with a whole range of churches and denominations as long as the members of the Friendship and Support Team are prepared to bring Jesus Christ into the conversation as the hope that they have to live for.

We never open a house unless in partnership with the church. We would love to hear from you if you want to get involved.

The project does not require such a large commitment from the church that it will affect other areas of your church life.

Hope into Action takes a lot of the burden away from the churches: we will do the referrals, the tenancies, the benefits, the rent collection and the support. This enables the church to concentrate on what the church does best: prayer, be-friend/mentor and disciple.

The role of the church in the Hope into Action Model

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