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How does investing work?

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  • The investor or group of investors buys a house near to the partner church under advisement from Hope into Action and can be involved as little or as much as they want in the refurbishment. They retain ownership of the house and lease it to Hope into Action for 5 years.
  • We assist in the refurbishment of the house to a high standard using our regular contractors.
  • We take care of the maintenance and management of the house for the duration of the lease.
  • We partner the house with a church who furnish it and we then find suitable tenants to occupy the house in partnership with our referring agencies.
  • At the end of the lease, you can either renew it and commit to another 5 years or ask to recover your investment in the state it was provided to us in.

This model is proving successful with tenants, churches and investors. The need for homes is limitless with the rise in levels of homelessness across the country.

For me, this is a sound investment in bricks and mortar. But we also are investing in the process of restoration for individuals who, for whatever reason, have been dealt a poor hand in life. It’s really difficult for them to make the step back into what we would consider the normal rights and privileges of an individual in our country. For me personally, and the position I’m in personally, it felt obvious to be involved in this

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Generally we look for three bedroom houses and put three tenants in. Each tenant has exclusive use of a room and share a lounge, kitchen and bathroom. Each house is then linked to a local partner church who provide mentoring and friendship to the tenants. Each tenant is assigned an experienced Hope into Action Empowerment Officer who supports both the tenant and partner church.

Investors’ details are kept confidential from the church and tenants. As an investor, you will receive two reports each year covering the finances and conditions of the property and how the tenants are progressing.

A 21st century theology of sharing

I'm slowly learning what it means to share with those in need and am delighted that HiA is impressing and encouraging me "into Action" in order to bring "Hope" to those in need. Money tied up in savings, pensions and personal property could, and can, be released and shared for Kingdom focused outcomes. Not necessarily "giving" this wealth away - but "sharing" with those in need - one day my investment can be returned to me - for me to use for my family or pension income or perhaps for further sharing. The return on my investment is lives impacted. I cannot think of a better return on investment!

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